Undercover Eyewear is always looking for sales reps that really make a difference and are well liked and respected in their industry.

If you know of a sales rep that might be interested in carrying an additional product line that brings in the highest commission per piece, can be placed in any retail establishment and is fun to sell - then Undercover Eyewear is the company.

Family owned and operated, Undercover Eyewear is a well respected and trustworthy company that treats their reps with respect and gives them all the coaching and marketing/sales support necessary to be successful.

Please email you referral to dalton@undercovereyewear listing the following information:

First and Last name of Rep with contact details (phone and email) or a picture of their business card.

Your First and Last name and the retail establishment you own or work for along with your contact details (phone and email) or a picture of your business card.

We will contact the sales rep and if they become a rep and make $1000 in sales in the first 3 months they are with Undercover Eyewear, we will send you a check for $350!  if you send us more reps and they hit their sales target of $1000 in 3 months we will send you $500 for the second rep; $750 for the 3rd and $1000 for the 4th.