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We have over 25 years of experience in the Wholesale Sunglass and Eyewear Industry. In fact, Wholesale Motorsport and Marina Eyewear is something we do very well because we love working with Motorcycle Dealers, Marinas and other motorsport and marine product retailers across the US.  Wholesale Eyewear is what we do and we are experts in our areas or expertise.

We work diligently with all our customers to create a long-term profitable relationship. We at Undercover Eyewear are just like you, we are a US based business with two owners, Dalton and LeAnn Carrell, who are dedicated and driven to doing business the RIGHT way. We believe in working hard to build relationships based on honesty and a true desire to see our customers SUCCEED and feel really GOOD about what they are selling to THEIR customers.

We focus on being of service to our customers first. Once we meet and get to know our new customers, we deliver what they need and want, and in our experience the sales and customer satisfaction always follow. All of our customers are offered quality products at popular Price Points with terrific margins and AMAZING SERVICE and SELL-THROUGH GUARANTEED.

We understand the seasonality of the Motorsport and Marina industries and we are constantly updating and refreshing our style catalog with the latest and best-selling frames, lenses and styles available.

Check us out and sign-up for a wholesale account to order your first selection of 2021 Undercover Eyewear today! We promise that you and your customers will SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

Click Here to Create an Online Wholesale Account 

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